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Le blog présente la presse et l’actualité de NOLWENN FALIGOT ainsi qu’une série exclusive d’articles avec un point de vue singulier sur la mode, l’art et la culture ; en Bretagne, dans les Pays Celtes et au-delà.

Le magazine CELTIC LIFE INTERNATIONAL présente NOLWENN FALIGOT avec un portrait de la créatrice

Article paru dans le magazine Celtic Life International distribué dans les pays celtes et au-delà en août 2023. Découvrez ci-dessous l'article en entier dans sa langue originale : en Anglais.

"I grew up in the Western region of Brittany, the Finistère - or “the end of the earth” - in the countryside surrounded by nature and very close to the sea, not far from the city Brest where I studied design before carrying on with my fashion studies in London.

After seven years in London, three years in Bratislava, and three years in Rennes, I am now back in the Finistère, living a stone’s throw away from where I was raised, in a small town called Dirinon.

I had the good fortune to have grown up surrounded by art and culture, and to have traveled to many places all over the world. When I was seven, I joined the local Breton dance group and started to wear the traditional costume and to discover the vast diversity of Breton clothes - the fabrics, the techniques, etc. By the age of 11, I was endlessly drawing and designing outfits and decided to make it my life’s work.

I learned early on to be very specific about what I wanted to do and how to do it - defining my creative identity and my style, and focusing on what drives me to create: my Celtic heritage. Naturally, over the years, my work evolved, and it is now more wearable and prac- tical, with an emphasis on comfort.

My creative process is definitely inspirational; I always get many ideas, whether I am researching museum archives, going through old photographs or visiting an exhibition...but I also find inspiration in everyday life here in Brittany; nature, architecture.

What makes my work unique is its workwear chic style, with every garment being both comfortable and elegant - an oversized aesthetic offering a total freedom of movement, yet always stylish. It is the confluence of Celtic Brittany’s past and a modern and universal wardrobe.

Clothes should highlight the woman, her character, her attitude, and her identity through movement. The garment must adapt to one’s body, not the other way around, to keep a sense of freedom. Comfort and elegance are thus essential to feel great, confident and fulfilled.

Seeing my designs worn is always very rewarding, especially when the women feel confident and at ease in my pieces. It is grati- fying to know that I have achieved my main ambition of empowering women and helping them to feel fulfilled. Working with local partners - whether seamstresses, photographers, etc. - and emphasizing their craftmanship is another very satisfying aspect of the work."

©Charlaine Croguennec
©Charlaine Croguennec

Propos recueillis par Stephen Patrick Clare, editeur en chef.

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